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How to use Simple Setup

Simple Setup enables your Philips TV remote control to control set-top boxes. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Pick the HDMI port that your set-top box is connected to.
2. Select the service provider of your set-top box.
3. When asked, press-and-hold the Home key. Release when you see a reaction on the PIP screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

My service provider is not listed. Can you help?
Please go through the full list, as your service may be placed under a different name.

After setting up the remote, some of the buttons do not work for my set-top box. What can I do?
During the press-and-hold process, wait a longer time before releasing the Home key. This will allow you to try a different codeset.

The suggestions above don’t work. What can I do?
Please reach out to




  1. 選擇連接機上盒的 HDMI 連接埠。
  2. 選擇您機上盒所屬的服務提供商。
  3. 當系統要求時,按住「主畫面」鍵並保持按住。當您在畫中畫(PIP)螢幕上看到反應時,請放開按鍵。


我的服務提供商沒有列出來,能幫忙嗎? 請查看完整清單,因為您的服務可能以不同的名稱顯示。

設置遙控器後,一些按鍵對我的機上盒無效,該怎麼辦? 在按住「主畫面」鍵的過程中,請多等一會再放開。這將讓您嘗試不同的代碼設定。

以上建議都不起作用,我該怎麼辦? 請聯繫

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