Whether you're choosing a standard remote control or a customized solution that fits with your brand and product identity.

Omni Remotes is your true partner.

Your Remote Control partner

Creating high-quality, cost-effective remote controls that deliver every day

Over 25 years of conceptualizing, designing and developing

A key player in this global market

Innovative remote control devices

Project processes ensure continuous customer involvement

Sustainable development, with minimal impact on natural resources

A truly worldwide presence with regional support

Omni Remotes is a global leader in the remote control segment. Since inception, we have conceptualized, designed and developed over a billion devices for the biggest brands in pay TV, consumer electronics, home automation and OTT segments. With an extensive portfolio of patents, Omni Remotes products are at the heart of many innovations in home technology today. We see the remote control as an extension of your brand identity and experience, and offer a wide range of design and customization options to match your every need.

Quality & sustainability

Omni Remotes doesn’t take quality for granted. Service and quality are constantly scrutinized internally and externally. This is reflected by several quality certificates.

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Intuitive remote controls that fit your brand

Omni Remotes brings leadership in innovative technologies with cutting-edge design to enable cost-effective remote controls.That’s why we are the right partner to provide you with off-the-shelf products or fully customized solutions for subscription broadcast, consumer electronics and home automation markets.

High end

Dual face remote controls are designed with the latest technologies, including voice, motion and touch.


Stylish infrared or RF remote control, with a high-end finish.


Cost-effective remote control provides value for money, yet is still designed with an eye for detail.

Solutions that simplify user interactions

Greater interactivity often requires text entry. It’s quick and easy if you have ‘dual’ face controls or on-screen keyboards with easy scrolling – even easier if you include reliable voice entry.

Technologies for intuitive control are changing the way we use our remote controls, from touch technology to motion based games and RF connectivity eliminating line of sight issues.

On Screen Setup makes for simple configuration of a universal remote, and you can ensure your controls are future proof, with over-the-air software and universal database upgrades.

Slick and cutting edge design

We seek emotional value in all our remote designs, from appearance to experience. That means standing by the core values of intuitive control, tailored proportion and effortless experience.

From drawing to product – you can feel the difference with a remote control designed by Omni Remotes.

Innovative intuitive technologies

These refreshed and reliable remote control solutions are brought to you by using the latest technologies, by working closely with leading partners and by combining our unique flavors and finest integration competencies.

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