At the Forefront of Change

Omni Remotes is a technology leader in the rapidly changing world of remote controls, with solutions like Simple Setup, voice, OTA upgrades and private listening.

Simple Setup allows a single remote to control the user’s TV, set-top box and audio device, retaining your brand as the centerpiece.

Adopted by the biggest players in consumer electronics and pay TV operators globally, Omni’s database has been found to cover more than 99% of all devices tested.

Voice, evolved

Having launched voice remotes over a decade ago, Omni’s expertise in voice extends from the development of high-quality remotes to production testing, and comprises both near and far-field solutions.

From IR to RF

Omni Remotes owns several of the most commonly used technologies in remote controls, including RC6 and RCMM. With the advent of RF, remote controls have become more powerful and versatile than ever.

A more inclusive remote

Omni designs solutions that meet the needs of general audiences, but also disadvantaged individuals.

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